6800/6850/605 Printer Media

6800/6850/605 Printer Media

Kodak paper and ribbon for the Kodak 6850 and Kodak 6850 printers. Print kits contain both paper and thermal ribbon.

Ribbon and Roll Paper for the Kodak Kiosk GS Compact (6800-6850 printers).
This media can print
• 750 4x6" prints
• 375 5x7" prints
• 375 6x8" prints

This current KODAK USA part #141 9597 is straight from KODAK manufacturer.
IF YOU ARE NOT BUYING PART #141 9597 you are NOT buying the correct quality and original paper & ribbon item!
Must install latest firmware to print. Read inside
This Kodak Ektatherm Print Kit (1899160) for the Kodak 6850 Photo Printer provides sufficient receiver paper and ribbon to make 375 5x7" borderless prints.
Kodak Professional Ektatherm 4R Print Kit (1067347) for the Kodak 6800 and Kodak 6850 printers. Kit cointains ribbon and paper roll for 750 4x6 total prints.
KODAK Color Thermal "6R" Ribbon for Model 68XX Printer (Ribbon Only)
Previous old part #
1770593 (177 0593)
(8647596 (864-7596)
SEE ITEM #1010867. This #1974096 item has been discontinued by KODAK

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