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This Photo Bundle Includes:
  • DNP DS620A Photo Printer
  • 4x6" Paper Media(800 prints)
  • Oddysey Black Printer Case
Webinar attendees who purchase a Frontier-S DX100 through Foto Club within one week will receive:
- FREE 1 year AEX Program
- FREE 1 Set of DX100 Inks
- FREE 1 Case of 8 inch (2 rolls) DX100 Lustre Paper
Total Value of this promo is $943.00

Read inside to Register and for more details on this Fuji Webinar.
Get a FREE 3 Year Warranty with purchase of this printer!
Printer Stand will fit these printers:
DNP DS620A • DNP DS820A • DNP DS40 • DNP DS80 • Sinfonia CS2 • Sinfonia CE1
• Mitsubishi CP-K60DW-S • Mitsubishi CP-D70DW

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FotoClub is an authorized dealer of professional digital photo printers and professional instant printing solutions from all the major brands like Epson, DNP, HiTi, FujiFilm, Sinfonia, Mitsubishi, Kodak, Sony, and more. We can help you find the best photo printers, printing equipment and supplies for any application including photo booth printers, photo kiosks, large format inkjet printers and portable event printers.

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