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    The Frontier-S DX100 Printer is a small high quality Frontier inkjet printer that incorporates 6 colored inks producing up to 360 4R prints per hour An Ideal Printer for Minilab, KIOSK System or Event Photography. 41¢ a 8x10"/ 12¢ a 4x6"/ .18¢ a 5x7"/
Product Information:

The Fujifilm Frontier-S DX100 printer is a small high quality Fuji inkjet printer that incorporates 6 colored inks producing up to 360 4R prints per hour. Compact and fast, the Frontier-S DX100 can produce prints from 3.5" x 5" up to 8 x 39" high quality images and allows for a wider color gamut, finer grain, smoother gradation in backgrounds and improved skin tones. The Frontier-S DX100 meets the diverse needs and challenges of the retail minilab, retail kiosk and Event photography. Offering digital printing solutions to meet the needs of small printing jobs or big business needs at affordable prices. With ideal printers for Minilab, Kiosk system, or event photography.

41¢ a 8x10"/ 12¢ a 4x6"/ .18¢ a 5x7"/.24¢ a 6x8" ~ 120 8x10" per hour



  • An Ideal Printer for Minilab, KIOSK System or Event Photography
  • Small high quality Frontier inkjetiful reproduction
  • Outstanding print quality with optional FUJIFILM Image Intelligence
  • Multiple printer system configuration allows you to satisfy budget, production and customer needs
  • Single roll paper capability
  • Compact footprint only 2.13ft
  • No chemical waste or storage
  • Easy replacement of ink cartridges, ink waste tank and waste paper disposal are a simple "Open and Remove" process
  • Easy operator interface requires minimal user involvement and training
  • FUJIFILM's proprietary image processing technology, Image Intelligence automatically compensates for problematic conditions, such as poor lighting, excessive backlight, high contrast, underexposure or overexposure

(One) 8” roll for 8x10" printing will yield 255 prints. (total of 510 prints per 8“ case as there are (2) Rolls per Case
  8”x6” prints on (one) 8” roll you will yield you 426 prints.  (total of 852 8x6” prints per case)

On (ONE) 4 inch roll you will get 2,556” inches in length of 4” width paper.
That will yield 426 4x6” photos per roll or 852 photos per 4” Case.

On (ONE) 6 inch roll you will get 2,556” inches in length of 6” width paper.
That will yield 639 6x4” photos per roll or 1,278 photos per 6” Case.


Print Method Piezoelectric Inkjet System
Print Capacity Approx. 360 Prints/hr 4R (4"x6") Approx 120 Prints/hr 8R (8"x10")
Print Size 3 1/2" x 5" - 8" x 39"
Processing time (dry to dry) Approx 45 seconds (fastest time)
Print speed 10 seconds per 1 sheet (4"X6"), *standard mode
Print Resolution 720 x 720dpi
1440 x 720dpi (HQ mode)
Paper Roll Paper - 4"x213', 5"x213', 6"x213', 8"x213'
Paper Type Glossy / Lustre FUJIFILM Quality Dry Photo Paper for the DX100
Ink Cartridges 6 Color (Y, M, C, BK, Pink, Sky Blue) of dye-based VIVIDIA ink (Volume 200mls per color)
Back Printing N/A
Print Sorter N/A
Floor Space Approx 2.13 SqFt
Dimensions (in) L 18.11" x W 16.93" x H 13.94"
Weight DX100 PRINTER body (including paper and ink cartridges) weight 51 lbs
Power requirements 100v - 220V (50/60Hz) single-phase two-wire


  • Frontier-S DX100 Printer Body
  • Paper Spindle Unit
  • Waste ink Tank
  • Power Cord
  • 6 Ft. High Speed USB 2.0 Cable
  • Standard Print Tray
  • Print Driver CD
  • Fujifilm 1 Year Warranty

► How to Avoid paper jams on the Fuji DX100

Step by step instructions on how to avoid paper jams on the Fuji DX100 printer.

► Unloading the Fuji DX100 paper explained by a Fuji tech

Step by step instructions on how to correctly unload your photo paper media from your Fuji DX100 printer.


Important: Please read through these instructions before attempting to install your new DX100.

Performing an Initial Ink Charge: (PDF 1MB)


DX100 Printer Drivers, Firmwares and more:


Fuji Support and Contact Center HERE

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