DNP Printer Accessories

DNP Printer Accessories
Wireless Printing From Phones, Tablets, PC's, Macs, And Wifi-enabled Cameras! For the DS620A, DS-RX1HS, DS820A, DS40, and DS80 printers.
DNP PLASTIC Print Catcher Tray for DS-620A dye sub printer. Hard Plastic construction, 1 Piece, tabletop. Can be used for prints up to 6x8, 5x7 and 4x6
This model is designed to work with the DS620A Professional Photo Printer and supports prints up to 4 x 6".
• For DS620A Professional Photo Printer
• Supports Prints up to 4 x 6"
• Ideal for Unattended Print Runs
• Plastic Construction
Also known as cut off tray, french fry catch holder, dust box.
Also known as cut off tray, french fry catch holder, dust box.
DNP DS40 Paper Holder Cassette, Plastic, 1 Piece
5x7" Roll Holder. Sold in Singles (requires 2 to print on 5" media paper rolls)
DNP DS40 Print Catcher Tray DS40 Plastic 1 Piece (up to 4x6 prints) OEM (24601850S)
DNP Tray, Ribbon Holder DS40 or DS80, 1 Piece (25202550S) *SPECIFY PRINTER MODEL*
See Replacement
This Printer Accessory has been DISCONTINUED
Its REPLACEMENT can be found HERE section
Kit includes 4 alcohol pads, 1 polishing cloth, 1 marker
DNP Paper Holder Cassette DS80 Dye Sub Photo Printer, Plastic, 1 Piece.

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