Kodak 40" width APEX Dry Lab System

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    The Kodak APEX System has been DISCONTINUED
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    DNP SnapLab Kiosk
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Kodak 40" APEX Dry Lab System Includes:

• (1) 40" Cabinet
(Two) 7000 Printers
(1) Workstation
(1) Label Printer


Kodak APEX Dry Lab System 40" Features

Kodak's APEX Dry Lab systems leverage new scalable and modular cabinetry designs in order to ensure maximum efficiencey in retailer environments while bringing the form and function of the photofinishing department into the 21st century.  The new cabinets, when combined with the new equipment, allow for a small footprint white enabling maximum $ per square footage for retailers.

Innovative Print Features: Kodak APEX systems contain new KODAK 7000 thermal printers that have a capacity of 1000 4x6 prints per printer unit, highest in its class. These printers, combined with the new XtraLife II media, expand the capability of thermal printing technology with new innovative print features:

  • Dual Finish: with one button, retailers can offer a selection of glossy and satin print surfaces from the same consumable sku
  • Clear Caption: a unique retailer configurable capability to print an order ID# for order tracking by a retail clerk or to print consumer image metadata such as image date inconspicuously right on the front of the print
  • Patented Ribbon Optimization technology: retailers can cost effectively make 4x6, 6x8 and bordered 5x7 prints a single media sku using Kodak’s patented ribbon optimization technology
  • Additionally, the KODAK 8800 printer has been enhanced to support 4x8 cut greeting cards as well as up to 8x12 enlargements.

New Components:

  • Next generation thermal printing system, including: New KODAK 7000 Photo Printer designed specifically for high capacity, high reliability and sustained high speed New KODAK XtraLife II Media, with laminate modulation technology, enabling satin and gloss finish capability from a single media SKU
  • New KODAK DL2100 Duplex Printer for two-sided calendars, photo books and greeting cards
  • New APEX workstation with advanced high speed processor and enhanced workflow management software enables simultaneous production of multiple products and orders
  • New ergonomic workspace and modular cabinet designs increase staff productivity

Target Audience:

Retailers that seek better ways to improve their profitability by offering their customers high value, premium photo content via proven technologies and solutions, while also leveraging current investments.

Minimized Labor Support: APEX uses fewer media sku’s, dry operation, new user interface with efficient software workflow and overall low system maintenance. Clerks can shift more time to selling and supporting consumers rather than maintaining the lab equipment.

Kodak Adaptive Picture Exchange Workstation:

At the heart of the system, the new APEX workstation integrates a high-speed dual-core processor and powerful new APEX workflow management software with a new user interface in order to ensure rapid processing and ultimate ease-of-use. Retailers can connect to up to 13 Kodak G3, G4 or G4X order stations and direct rendering-intensive tasks to the APEX workstation for faster processing, providing improved consumer satisfaction, minimized lines and therefore improved profit potential. Retailers can also connect to their own websites or to external service and product providers. With the system, retailers can accept, manage and produce premium product orders. These products include the Kodak Picture Movie DVD, the only solution of its kind made right in the store in minutes with original artist music, as well as posters and single-sided or duplex photo books, calendars, collages and greeting cards using the optimum printing technology for each application.

Kodak DL2100 Duplex Printer (Optional)
The new Kodak DL2100 Duplex Printer enables retailers to quickly and easily create Kodak quality double-sided photobooks, calendars and greeting cards in a very small footprint device. The printer uses new LED based electro-photographic technology that ensures the highest quality at high speeds with higher reliability than laser solutions due to substantially reduced moving parts. Only the Kodak DL2100 Duplex Printer delivers the combination of Kodak image science, high-speed performance, reliability and low price to the retail printing industry.

Kodak 7000 Photo Printer & Kodak XtraLife II Paper
The Kodak 7000 Photo Printer, a new 5th generation design, combines Kodak’s experience and the proven reliability in thermal printing with new retailer friendly features that provide more flexibility and profit opportunity than ever before. APEX is the world’s first retail system to combine ribbon optimization and dual finish features to cost effectively allow a broad range of print sizes and finishes from one media SKU. Only Kodak offers this innovative combination of technologies found in the Kodak 7000 Photo Printer with new Kodak XtraLife II Paper that makes the system 1-2-3 easy.

State of the Art Functional Design
Kodak’s APEX system leverages new scalable and modular cabinetry designs in order to ensure maximum efficiency in retailer environments while bringing the form and function of the photofinishing department into the 21st century. The new cabinets, when combined with the new equipment, allow for a small footprint while enabling maximum dollar per square footage for retailers. This system also allows easy Connectivity with Open Architecture of various printers and hardware.

Kodak Adaptive Picture Exchange dry lab system
“Retailers need solutions that provide dramatic profitability improvements while minimizing capital expenditure and risk in order to position themselves today and for the future,” said Nicki Zongrone, general manager of Kodak’s Retail Systems Solutions Group and vice president, Eastman Kodak Company. “Only the APEX system combines powerful new innovations with the proven technologies in more than 90,000 Kodak Picture Kiosks around the globe today, letting retailers take advantage of the investments they’ve already made. The new system is likely the most advanced lab solution ever launched in photo retailing, with a host of signature features including adaptability, profitability, simplicity and efficiency in an eco-friendly design that leverages proven, winning Kodak retail printing solutions right out of the box.”

Kodak dry lab system - Flexibility
The total solution allows retailers to offer a wide selection of exciting, profitable products while also substantially reducing costs. Through greater ease of operation and flexibility, the new system reduces setup and training time and increases employee productivity. Additional efficiencies and retailer profit opportunity come from the combination of new simple user interface design, substantially reduced number of media types, and the connectable and modular small footprint core design and low capital cost.

Kodak APEX system - Products
New components within APEX include the Kodak 7000 Photo Printer, Kodak XtraLife II Paper, Kodak DL2100 Duplex Printer, new Kodak Adaptive Picture Exchange Workstation/APEX Workstation with advanced high-speed processing and Kodak’s APEX software, and a highly ergonomic and easy to use overall design. The adaptive system allows retailers to scale from low to high volume environments, as business needs expand. Because the components of Kodak’s APEX system are so modular, a retailer can choose from dozens of configuration options to best meet their needs.




30” Module

40” Module

70” Module

Max Productivity
(4x6 pph)
















Installed Footprint
Incl. access

15.6 sq. ft.

22.1 sq. ft.

37.7 sq. ft.

Printer Options:

(Up to 2)
(Up to 2)

(Up to 2)
(Up to 2 outside)

(Up to 4)
(Up to 2)

Kiosk Connectivity

G3, G4 and G4x KODAK Picture Maker Kiosks and Order Stations

Kiosk SW Req’d

Kodak Picture Kiosk Software Version 2.1


APEX 30 module: includes print scanner. Middle section capable of 8R or 6R printer(s). Back panel organizers are optional. All Dimensions estimated and subject to


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The Kodak APEX System has been DISCONTINUED
from our Foto Club store - Our recommended replacement is the
DNP SnapLab Kiosk

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