DNP Printer ROI Calculator

DNP Printers
The DNP Printer ROI Calculator will provide DNP printer and competitive printer results of how long the printer payback will take and comparison overview of monthly profit and loss. Follow the instructions below and note the criteria needed for each section. (Instructions at the bottom)


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Monthly Unit Photo Sales: Enter the number of units purchased each month. This number needs to represent one photo size (Example: 6×8)–not a mixture of different photo sizes (Example:  6×8 and 8×10)
Retail Price per Photo: Enter the price you are selling (Example: $10.00 for 6×8)
Media Price per Sheet: Enter the price per sheet of media (Example: $0.45 per sheet for 6×8 media)
Printer Cost: Enter the cost of the printer (Example: $1,295.00 for XYZ printer)
Printer Uptime: Enter the percentage of time that the printer is working (Example: 96%)
Service cost (monthly): Enter the monthly service cost for the printer (Example: $10.00 per month to service the printer)
Other Printer: Enter  the same criteria as you did for the DNP Printer but use other printer /media information.

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