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 At FotoClub, Inc., we believe that true professional service doesn’t end when we make a sale. Rather, it continues through real customer service for the life of our printer products, especially after the transaction. Our store technicians deliver experienced, courteous, patient customer service with a friendly and positive attitude. With our remote technical support for printers, software, media services and live over-the-phone assistance, our goal is to ensure you are 100% comfortable and satisfied with all aspects of your professional photo printer or printer media and supplies purchase.


There’s nothing more frustrating than spending a large sum of money on a product, only to find that it is missing a part or that you can’t figure out just how to use it. FotoClub is dedicated to helping you make the most of your purchase, and we are with you every step of the way. Whether you need assistance loading ink ribbons or paper or you’re struggling to install and run the software that works with your printer, our technicians are here to help.


In order to be profitable, you have to keep your business running smoothly, and the last thing you need is downtime. You can’t afford to spend hours waiting to speak to a live person, which is why we offer prompt customer service solutions for all of your in-house professional printer needs. Dealing with phone and tech support is an unavoidable part of purchasing a new product, so we want you to know that, regardless of the issue, we’ll be there for you - whenever you need us.


Why Choose FotoClub for Your Professional Printer Services?


The staff and service-providers at FotoClub, Inc. are thoroughly trained on a number of professional name-brand printers, including Epson, DNP, Sinfonia, Mitsubishi, Fuji, and others. For each new product produced by a corporate partner brand, our technicians receive hands-on training in product management, repair, up-keep, and warranty. Only after showing mastery in specific product knowledge areas do our technicians receive certifications to assist you with troubleshooting your printer.


Regular printer troubleshooting services from our professional technicians can maintain your manufacturer's warranty as well as the life of the product, saving you time and money in the long run. From photo printers and kiosks to printer accessories and supplies, the FotoClub team can help with every aspect of your purchase.


Whether you need help to figure out how to load the paper, you need assistance working with special photo software or drivers, or you’d like to learn how to test, check or find certain printer specific functions, contact our technicians today for live, immediate and personal service and tech support. While some people go straight to the manufacturer, you could risk losing time and money waiting to get a real person on the line.


Why wait? Contact FotoClub, Inc. today. After all, customers come first, and so does our service - before, during, and after the sale!

FotoClub is an authorized dealer of professional digital photo printers and professional instant printing solutions from all the major brands like Epson, DNP, HiTi, FujiFilm, Sinfonia, Mitsubishi, Kodak, Sony, and more. We can help you find the best photo printers, printing equipment and supplies for any application including photo booth printers, photo kiosks, large format inkjet printers and portable event printers.

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