DNP Kiosks, Accessories and Media

DNP Kiosks are all-in-one compact kiosk printer system, combining a DNP photo printer, an order terminal called a DS-Tmini, and DiLand software. Other kiosk type accessories are also available for other DNP printers. These compact kiosk systems and accessories are the easy winning formula to turbo charge your photo business.

The SnapLab is back! Revamped and Better than ever!
  • Easily setup for end user facing operation.
  • Able to expand DS80 /DS80DX / DS620A / DSRX1HS via terminal
  • Prints 4x6", 5x7", 6x8", 6x14" and 6x20" photos
  • With up to 400 prints per hour, the DS620A is FAST with prints in 8.3 seconds!
  • Watermark on the back and high gloss and crisp colors on the front of your photos!
  • 3 Year AE Warranty Included for the 620A printer
This Kiosk Terminal Unit with DiLand Software changes your existing DNP DS620A printer into a SnapLab SL620A.
• Edit photo, add borders and text
• Create photobooks, Jumbo-Panoramic prints and more
• Print from Compact Flash, SD, Micro SD, Memory Stick, MS Micro, xD, and USB port
• Print from Apple and Android smartphones via wireless or cable
• Ability to expand and connect two (2) DS620A printers or other DNP printers like DS80 / DS80DX / DS620A / DSRX1HS
Wireless Printing From Phones, Tablets, PC's, Macs, And Wifi-enabled Cameras! For the DS620A, DS-RX1HS, DS820A, DS40, and DS80 printers.
• Printer, Camera, Monitor and Air Card all included!
• Designed to produce domestic and foreign passports and ID photos that comply with federal requirements.
800 4x6" total prints.
400 4x6" prints per roll, 2 Rolls per box/kit. Media also allows to print and cut 2x6" Photo Strips (2 UP)
460 total 5x7" prints. 2 Rolls per box/kit. 230 prints per roll. Media also allows to print 3.5x5"(2 UP) and 5x5".
400 total 6x8" prints. 2 Rolls per box/kit. 200 prints per roll. Media also allows to print and cut 6x6", 4x6" Photos(2 UP) and 2x6" Photo Strips(4 UP)

The DNP SL10 SnapLab is DISCONTINUED. Recommended replacement is the DNP SnapLab+ SL620A all-in-one printing system

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