KODAK 7000 4x6 Print Kit - For APEX 7000 Printer - 1140 Prints

SKU: 1661925

  • Discontinued Product
    The Kodak Kiosk and System Printer Supplies have been DISCONTINUED
    from our Foto Club store - Our recommended Kiosk replacement is the DNP SnapLab Kiosk.
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NOTE - Printer and media will not work until the latest Kodak firmware is installed for this media's printer. To install or verify the firmware version that you have click here.

KODAK 7000 Print Kit 6R - For APEX 7000 Printer (1140 count)

Prints off the media: 4x6 = 1140,
5x7 & 6x8 500. 5x7 w/border

4" and 5" Print Width "6R" Size For 7000 Dye-Sub Printer Models (APEX)

For 4" x 6" / 5" x 7" / 6" x 8" Print Sizes
5R media kit for borderless 5x7 (future option)

• 1140 print load,
• New Kodak XtraLife II back mark
• New red packaging color for easy differentiation from 68xx media kits (black)

New Part # 1661925

Previous discontinued Part numbers
# 1037688 (103-7688)
# 8462004 (846 2004)

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See Replacement
The Kodak Picture Kiosk & APEX System Printers and their accessories have been DISCONTINUED from our Foto Club store - Our recommended replacement is the DNP SnapLab Kiosk: [ CLICK HERE ]

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