Impressa IP60 Ink Filter Maintenance Kit; include 1 Ink Tray Felt, 2 Air Pre-Filters, 3 Air Filters

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Replace your Impressa IP60’s air filters with this ink filter maintenance kit. The Ink Filter Maintenance Kit consists of 1 large ink pad and 3 small filters. Based on standard usage, we recommend users replace their filters every 25 ink cartridges. Primera PrintHub will also issue a reminder every 25 ink cartridges. Replacing IP60’s filters will help ensure the printer is operating efficiently and producing the highest quality output.


For the Impressa IP60 Photo Printer

Ink Filter Maintenance Kit; include 1 Ink Tray Felt, 2 Air Pre-Filters, 3 Air Filters





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For the Impressa IP60 Photo Printer
This media can output these sizes when using in combination with the IP60 printer:
2x6, 4x6, 6x8, 6x12, 6x18, 6x24

• Approx. 500 4”x6” prints per 175’ roll
• 175' ft per roll
• 2 rolls = 350' ft total feet of photo paper
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Recommended Type of Ink
Dye-Based Ink ensures vibrant, bright colors for your photos. For the Impressa IP60 Photo Printer
DYE Ink is almost always recommended for Photo Booths. It gives the brightest, most vivid colors.
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Prevent your cartridges from drying out when not installed. Seal cartridge nozzles by capping with a cartridge garage when not installed in your printer. Ideal for swapping between pigment and dye ink cartridges.

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