Impressa IP60 PIGMENT-BASED Color Ink Cartridge

SKU: 053491

For the Impressa IP60 Photo Printer


Impressa IP60 Color Ink

The latest revolution in full-color digital photo printing with Primera Paper media and Primera Impressa Digital Photo Printers. Cutting-edge, professional-grade printers designed specifically for photo booths, professional photography, event photograpy, amusement parks and more.



The Impressa IP60 printer uses two different type of inks: Pigment or Dye ink
What’s the difference between pigment and dye ink?

- Dye ink (SKU 053494) ensures vibrant, bright colors for your photos.

- Pigment ink * NOT AVAILABLE * (SKU 053491) produces colors that are more true to life and contains better archival properties.

For photo booths, DYE Ink is almost always recommended. It gives the brightest, most vivid colors.
Pigment ink is usually recommended for portrait, studio and wedding photographers. It’s colors are more muted but ironically more accurate. Pigment ink also gives archival properties to the printed photos. They’ll last for decades, not years like dye inkjet and dye sub.

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