DNP DS40 5x7 Printer Media Kit (460 Prints)

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Product Information:

DS40 5x7 Printer Media Kit is for the DNP DS40 Printer

Size: 5" x 7"
Prints per roll: 230
Rolls per case: 2
Total prints: 460 per Case

(Compared to the DNP DS40 5x7" media model # DS40PK57A. This new DS40 5x7 media kit prints out 460 total prints instead of 400. This printer media replaces the old DS 40 5x7 400 prints kit.)

This new DNP DS40 5x7" print media production model utilizes a 7" ribbon panel, rather than 8", which increases capacity.

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DISCONTINUED - This media has been replaced with the
5x7" (460 print) # DS405X7 media
sku #: DS404x6zSP2
This is a special version of paper that includes a vertical perforation optimized to create unique 4x4” social media print sizes. Leaving a 2x2" area that can be easily snapped off and used for a coupon, promos, offers, or additional print sizes.
The replacement for this product is item number 23207180S

(562) 802-3575
Perfect for photobooth and event printing the DNP DS40 Dye Sub printer can print and cut 2x6" 4x6", 5x7" & 6x9" (4x6 in 8.9 seconds) It is roll fed, and can print matte and glossy finishes using same media.

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sku #: DS6204X6
800 4x6" total prints.
400 4x6" prints per roll, 2 Rolls per box/kit. Media also allows to print and cut 2x6" Photo Strips (2 UP)
For use with the DNP DS820A™ 8Photo Printer.
Prints per roll: 130 Rolls per case: 2 Total prints: 260
Contains 400 sheets per roll, packed 2 rolls per case for a total of 800 sheets.
Former part number: # DS404X6

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