DNP DS40 4x6"in Perforated Media - 2 Rolls (800 total prints)

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Create FUN social media styled, perforated 4x4" prints AND custom 2x2" marketing messaging!

The DS404x6PM, a variation of our popular DS404x6 printer media. This unique new product offers end users the ability to easily create social media styled 4x4-inch sized square prints. This 4x4x2" media product emulates the vintage "Polaroid®-look" which has become a popular means of self-expression on popular consumer social media sites such as Instagram®.

Thanks to the high quality perforation, one can create additional marketing or advertising information. This 2x2" area can be easily snapped off and used for a coupon, promo messaging, offers, or additional print sizes.

No special printer drivers or firmware is necessary. The DS40 printer recognizes media as just a standard 4x6" sheet. As the design for layout is defined by end users, layouts need to accommodate the perforation as in these examples with the 2" laser-snap perforation. 

*Polaroid® is a registered trademark of PLR IP Holdings. The Instagram name and logos are trdemarks of Instagram.

New DNP Perforated Instant Printer Media Printing Instructions

Overview: To fully optimize this new and exciting paper-type, it will be necessary to use third-party software to create templates and messaging and then utilize either DNP’s Hot Folder Software or other popular event photo software programs for print output (for event photo software information please refer to authorized DNP resellers). Please note that there are no special drivers or downloads from DNP, as this is facilitated by the end-user creating the prints.

Note that sample example prints are shown with end-user created effects as part of the image file sent to printer.

Template options are endless and are defined by the event where prints are being made. Please use these considerations listed below when designing custom templates for use with the new DS404x6PM perforated media.

Software: Any image editing program that supports layers like Photoshop Elements, Photo Shop CS, Corel Paintshop Pro, etc., can be used to create print samples (please consult software manufacturer’s documentation for layering support).
Example of sample print for DS404x6PM media that incorporates end-user defined filter effect and dedicated messaging section with barcodes.

Print Area Definition: The printable area of the DS404x6PM is the same as the traditional 4x6 paper but special attention should be noted to maximize the perforation that appears on the right side of the paper. Ideally a 1/8” gutter should be created to allow flexibility with design layouts (see diagrams for examples).

Use these simple dimensions when creating custom 4x4x2 prints to fully utilize the value of the perforation. DNP recommends a 1/8” gutter at the 4” horizontal point to ensure proper print sample layouts.

Recommended Workflow: DNP recommends that event photos are created using third-party layering and editing software programs and then integrated into hot-folder programs like DNP’s HFP utility (available for free download for PC at or other popular event photography event photo printing software applications (Please refer to authorized DNP resellers for compatible event photo printing software options and solutions).

Perforated Instant Printer Media Printing Instructions: ENGLISH PDF | SPANISH PDF

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Perfect for photobooth and event printing the DNP DS40 Dye Sub printer can print and cut 2x6" 4x6", 5x7" & 6x9" (4x6 in 8.9 seconds) It is roll fed, and can print matte and glossy finishes using same media.

DISCONTINUED - This media has been replaced with the
5x7" (460 print) # DS405X7 media
6x8 Paper Media Kit (DS40PK68) for the DNP DS40 printer. 400 Prints. -
Former part number # DS406X8

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