Mitsubishi Two 8x12" CP-W5000DW Ribbon Rolls - 250 Duplex Prints or 500 Simplex Prints

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    For Mitsubishi CP-W5000DW Printer.

    • 2 Ink Ribbons / box ( 250 duplex prints, 500 simplex prints )

Product Information:

This media with the Cp-5000DW printer's rich, bold black levels provide superior color depth and contrast. Giving out remarkable clarity, vivid colors and high quality finish that will last a long time. Clearer prints with no blurring even in fine lines and details. Long-lasting prints with no deterioration or compromise on original image details.

The Mitsubishi 8x12" Donor Ink Ribbon/Box (Pack of 2) is specially designed for CP-W5000DW Printer.

Box of 2 Rolls (250 duplex prints or 500 simplex prints )

 *Also requires CK5000 Paper Roll.

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