Mitsubishi Set of Two Paper Flanges for the CPD70DW and CPD707DW printers


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Mitsubishi Set of Two Paper Flanges for the CPD70DW and CPD707DW printers

*One* RIGHT Paper Flange and *One* Left Paper Flange

Attach the supplied paper flanges to both sides of the print paper.

1) When you pinch the latches on the paper flange, the stoppers retract into the shaft.
2) Attach the flanges to the print paper with the stoppers retracted.
3) Make sure that the flanges are attached to the print paper securely, and release the latches.

• Take care not to pinch your fingers.
• Do not remove the sticker on the print paper roll yet.
• Do not loosen the paper roll. Any slack in the print paper may degrade the print

• When placing the print paper, keep the print paper upright.
• When you put the print paper sideways, it may roll and fall. This may cause injury.

• Fingerprints or dust on the paper’s surface may degrade print quality and cause
paper jams.

- Clean the parts that contact the print paper sides.
- Wipe the parts carefully with cloth dampened with a small amount of alcohol.

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