Mitsubishi 6" Paper and Ribbon media CK-K76R for the Mitsubishi CP-K60DW-S printer - 640 prints


This "CK-K76R" printer media has been discontinued by the manufacturer. It has been replaced by the newer CK-K76R-HG media Kit:
Click here for the Mitsubishi CK-K76R-HG 6" Paper//Ribbon media Kit



4"x6" = 640 total prints - (320 each roll)

To print 2x6", 4x6", 6x6" and 6x8" sizes on the Mitsubishi CP-K60DW-S printer.

4" x 6" 640 prints max.

2" x 6"(x2) 640 prints max.

6" x 6" 320 prints max.

6" x 8" 320 prints max.

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• Eco-friendly paper media from sustainable forest sources
• Print Sizes: 2x6", 4x6”, up to 6 x 8" with just 1 type of media
• Print Speed: 4 x 6" in 11.4 sec.
• 3-year Warranty with advance exchange during the 1st year
• Ink rewind & roll back function
• Prints high-density, sharp, life-like images
• Glossy or Matte - Max 300 dp
sku#: CK-K75R
(5"x7" = 360 prints(2 Rolls/180 each roll) for 3.5x5" and 5x7" sizes
For use with the Mitsubishi CP-K60DW-S printer

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