Impressa IP60 6" GLOSSY Photo Paper, 9.5 mil, Professional Grade, 175 feet per roll, 2 Rolls - 1000 prints

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Impressa IP60’s 9.5 mil Premium Grade Glossy Photo Paper delivers optimal prints for any setting. Each roll ensures 500 4x6 prints at 175 feet long and 6 inches wide. Combined with Primera’s PrintHub status monitor and the roll’s chipped media, users can see how much length is left on their roll, and the appropriate color profile for your media is automatically selected.

For the Impressa IP60 Photo Printer

This media can output these sizes when using in combination with the IP60 printer:
2x6, 4x6, 6x8, 6x12, 6x18, 6x24

• Approx. 500 4”x6” prints per 175’ roll
• 175' ft per roll
• 2 rolls = 350' ft total feet of photo paper
• 9.5 mil Premium Grade Photo Paper

  Sku: 057359 or 57359


IP60 Cost Comparison Guide PDF


The latest revolution in full-color digital photo printing with Primera Paper media and Primera Impressa Digital Photo Printers. Cutting-edge, professional-grade printers designed specifically for photo booths, professional photography, event photograpy, amusement parks and more.

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Recommended Type of Ink
Dye-Based Ink ensures vibrant, bright colors for your photos. For the Impressa IP60 Photo Printer
DYE Ink is almost always recommended for Photo Booths. It gives the brightest, most vivid colors.
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Now available in a thicker material! 13 mil 286 gsm)
• Approx. 285 4”x6” prints per roll
• 100' ft per roll
• 2 rolls = 200' ft total feet of photo paper
• Paper Thickness: 13 mils (286 gsm)

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