DNP RX1 3-Year Advance Exchange Service Contract Warranty (SP-RX1-AE2)


Our Price: $399.99

Product Information:

A DNP 3-Year Advance Exchange (AE) Service Contract helps to maximize the customer’s uptime during peak usage periods, protecting their revenue streams generated from photo sales!

Compare the DNP 3-Year AE Service Contract to the competition. DNP offers MORE THAN TWO TIMES THE THERMAL PRINT HEAD COVERAGE at a very affordable price. “Hot Swap” units guaranteed to ship via 2-day service — and all repairs are made with Genuine DNP parts by factory-trained and certified technicians.  

Why choose the DNP AE Service Contract?:
You’ll get the security of knowing your new equipment will retain its high quality with this 3-year coverage plan*. Maximize your uptime during peak usage periods and protect your photo revenue stream.

In short, with this AE Service contract DNP will send you out a "swap printer" via 2 day service and covering the freight. So there is less downtime and a greater print head coverage on this warranty.

Convenient Repairs:
Printer repairs are performed by DNP Service or a DNP Authorized Technician and coverage begins on the day the product is purchased.

Customer Service:
Whenever you need us, just call DNP Technical Support at 1-888-749-3587 toll free, Monday thru Friday, 8 am - 5 pm (EST) with your plan number.

No Repair Bills:
Eliminate out-of-pocket repair expenses for all covered repairs. Advance Exchange Service guarantees to pay 100% of covered pa rts and labor (beyond the DNP manufacturer’s limited warranty) for the life of your Advanced Exchange Service Contract. Plus, we’ll always use DNP Service or a DNP Authorized Service Provider, genuine DNP parts and DNP quality standards.

Register Today to Activate Coverage:
Choose the registration option that suits you best. And be sure to have your new equipment and a copy of your invoice nearby be fore you begin:

• ONLINE: The fastest way to register. Click here: and fill in the proper information.
• PHONE: Toll free 1-888-749-3587, Mon- Fri, 8am-5pm EST

Questions or concerns may be addressed to DNP Customer Support at 1-888-749-3587 or 1-800-467-4935.
You can also E-mail: or

When to Purchase

1. An AE Service Contract may be purchased after hardware purchases with PO referencing all
    printer serial numbers and your contact and location details.
2. An AE Service Contract plan must be ordered within 30 days of end user purchase.
3. Proof of purchase must be sent in with registration in order for plan to be activated.

Print Head Warranty Limits

When purchasing a 3-Year AE Service Contract, the thermal print head warranty limits are extended to more than twice the standard manufacturer’s warranty.


DS40 : The earlier of 3 Years or 125,000 prints (4x 6")

DS80 : The earlier of 3 Years or 25,000 prints (8 x 10")

: The earlier of 3 Years or 75,000 prints (4x 6")

Information to Note!

1.  DNP Technical Support is provided at 1-888-749-3587 or from 9am to 5pm,
     EST, Monday through Friday. Holidays are excluded.
         a). Emergency Tech-Support (Add “Emergency Request” to Subject Line). Mon-Fri 6am-8am\5pm-12am EST, Sat-Sun 6am-12am EST

2.  Advanced unit exchange the next business day via 2-day shipping if the call is received before 2pm EST, Monday through Friday.
         a. If a call is received on Saturday or Sunday, the replacement unit will be shipped the next business day.

3.  The Advance Exchange unit may be a new or refurbished model.

4.  DNP will cover the shipping costs of the 2-day “hot swap” and call tag the return unit via ground shipping.

To Obtain Service

1.  To obtain a replacement unit (under this AE Service Contract) contact DNP IMSA: 1-888-749-3587 or
     email to this address:

2.  If a call is received by 2 PM EST and a replacement unit has been approved by 2 PM EST, a replacement unit will be shipped same day via 2-day shipping.

3.  For calls received and replacement units approved after 2:00PM EST, a replacement unit will be shipped the next business day via 2-day shipping.

4.  At time of call, customer will be given a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number after the authorized DNP Technician has determined a replacement is required. Customer must mark the shipment with the RMA number and return the defective Printer to the DNP IMSA repair facility within three (3) business days of receiving the replacement unit.

5.  The defective Printer will be shipped using original packaging or ample packing materials and protective pads to prevent shipping damage. Such shipping costs shall be paid by DNP via call tag.

6.  Title to the replacement Printer shall at all times remain with DNP IMSA unencumbered by Customer until the defective Printer is received, inspected and accepted by DNP IMSA at the agreed upon Service Location, at which time title to the replacement unit shall transfer to Customer and title to the defective Printer shall transfer to DNP IMSA.

7.  Risk of loss for the defective Printer and the replacement unit shall remain with Customer and DNP IMSA (as applicable) until title to each unit transfers in accordance with the process described above, at which time, risk of loss for the defective Printer and replacement unit shall transfer to DNP IMSA and Customer (as applicable).

Please review the Service Agreement Terms and Conditions for details and exclusions. DNP IMSA reserves the sole and absolute authority to determine whether a Printer is covered by this Service Contract. DNP IMSA reserves the right to change or cancel these programs at any time.

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