HiTi 4x6 Photo Pack for the S420 SnapShot Printer - 50 Prints

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For use with the HiTi S420 or S400 printers.

HiTi Photo Pack 87.P3304.03BV (50 Prints)

  • YMCO Cartridge
  • 50 Sheets of Paper

The HiTi 4x6 Photo Pack for the S420 SnapShot printer is the exclusive new generation dye-sublimation consumables, is designed to work perfectly with HiTi Photo Printer S Series. The color ribbon formula advances the color characteristics and the photo paper base enhances the image brightness. A transparent resin layer (Magic Coating) protects the photo against water, UV-ray, fingerprint, smear, oxidization and color fading.

Paper Size   4 x 7" with perforated edges
Printable Area   4 x 6" (101 x 153mm)
Surface Finish Glossy

There has been a change at the HiTi manufacturing facility for all the Hiti media for the S420-series printers.

The cleaning kits are no longer necessary, and have stopped shipping with the printers.  Manufacturing advances in the quality and makeup of the media itself have taken us to the point where this often troublesome step is no longer necessary. 

Please go to your controller and disable the cleaning requirement.  This will cause the printer to stop "prompting" for the cleaning process.

This change is effective immediately. Thank You.

Recommended Products

See Replacement
The HiTi S420 has been DISCONTINUED
Recommended replacement is the HiTi P310W Printer

Not Available

Not Available

12 x Packages of 4 x 6" Sheets of Photo Paper (1 Ribbon and 50 Sheets per Pack) (Total of 600 Prints) For use with the HiTi S420 or S400 printers.
Passport Cutter, 50mm x 50mm, for the Hiti P310W, DNP S420. Sony UPX-C100, Sony UPX-C200 and many other Passport Photo Printers and ID Systems.

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by on February 20, 2018

Excellent quality product as always. Prompt delivery Good price

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