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    (For Windows only) The DropoutGS Software comes in downloadable format. No CD or Box.

Product Information:

dropoutGS Express

Perfect for the event photographer that doesn't require a point-of-sale system, dropoutGS Express allows you to harness the power of dropoutGS Professional without the cost. Process regular photos, green screen, and lenticular flip all in one package! Create accurate compositions and prints with your 3D backgrounds and more.

Features the rapid "One Click Print" that allows photographers to shoot, process and print up with the click of a button.

  Express Version Professional Version
Green screen photography Checkmark Checkmark
Normal photographic prints Checkmark Checkmark
Lenticular flip Checkmark Checkmark
Batch processing Checkmark Checkmark
Multiple images per print (E.g. wallet size) Checkmark Checkmark
Color correction tools Checkmark Checkmark
Sepia & grayscale Checkmark Checkmark
Unlimited templates (backgrounds & overlays) Checkmark Checkmark
Organize with template categories Checkmark Checkmark
Password protected (admin & user) Checkmark Checkmark
Photo orientation detection Checkmark Checkmark
Customer preview monitor Checkmark Checkmark
Touch screen ready Checkmark Checkmark
"Driverless" camera tethering Checkmark Checkmark
Hot Folder mode Checkmark Checkmark
Create unlimited products Checkmark Checkmark
Accurate 3D composition Checkmark Checkmark
Customizable paper sizes Checkmark Checkmark
Quick import & export of products & templates Checkmark Checkmark
Sales reporting Checkmark Checkmark
Point-of-Sale system - Checkmark
Printer cycling  - Checkmark
Barcode scanning - Checkmark
Barcoded photo ID printing  - Checkmark
Customizable banner ads on customer preview  - Checkmark
Accept credit cards with your Authorize.net account  - Checkmark
Accept credit cards with your PayPal Pro account  - Checkmark
Multiple photos per customer ID  - Checkmark

List of features

3D Accuprint 3D Accuprint 3D Accuprint 3D Accuprint
Easy Chroma Keying

Snap the picture and let DropoutGS do the rest. Not even wispy blond hair can present a problem. Finally a single piece of software that allows you to spend more time with your subjects and less time with a computer.

3D Compositing

Using our Accuprint feature, your 3D backgrounds with overlayed subject will print perfect everytime.

All photo types

Whether you're in a mixed-capture station event or simply printing unaltered images or non-green screen, DropoutGS handles it all

Built-in Lenticular Compositing

Let DropoutGS handle the multi-layer interlacing of your flip products. Just add the product to the cart, select your layers and DropoutGS does the rest.

3D Accuprint 3D Accuprint 3D Accuprint 3D Accuprint
Touch Screen Ready

Great for busy operators who need less time with a mouse and more time on the camera. Large buttons and customizible touch screen sensitivity allow you to rapidly process. Don't have a touch screen? Then DropoutGS will be no stranger either.


Allows for rapid shooting and printing of subjects with little interaction with the operator. A great time saver in high volume environments.

Freedom of Backgrounds & Templates

You'll be surprised to find how DropoutGS may be used. From the standards of 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, wallets and more, your backgrounds are only limited by your imagination. Have a large format pre-printed tri-fold that needs specific placement of subjects? You can do that, too.

Text Overlays

Whether it's a static message or one customized with each shot, DropoutGS allows you to place multiple text layers anywhere on the image using any installed font intstalled on your computer.

3D Accuprint      
On-the-fly Photo Editing

With features likes red eye removal, brightness, contrast, sepia, grayscale, CYMK adjustment sliders, image flip, or automatic color level adjustment, you won't need to use third party programs for simple tasks ever again.



   Minimum Requirements: 
Internet Connection:

Broadband Internet connection required to validate licensing and for optional online services

Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional with Service Pack 3; Windows 7 Professional SP1
Computer Processor: Intel® Core2DUO 2Ghz or better
Hard Drive Space: 100 MB for installation, 5 GB minimum recommended for image processing and storage, dependent on image capture volume
Computer Memory: 32-bit OS, 2 GB
64-bit OS, 4 GB
Screen Resolution: 1280x800 pixels or higher
Video Card: Discrete video card w/ 512MB of VRAM preferred with Dual Monitor capability (1280x800 min resolution recommended)
Alternative video option requires Intel i5 or i7 processor system with Intel® HD Graphics onboard Video with dual monitor capability.
21"+ flat-panel monitors are recommended on POS stations.
Receipt Printer: Epson TM-T88V, Epson TM-T88IV, or compatible
Activation: While dropoutGS may be installed on any number of computers, only one may be activated using the same key at any given time.


  Video Tour and Tutorials for DropoutGS software:
3D Accuprint
3D Accuprint

DropoutGS Product Tour

A musical video tour demonstrating some of the highlights of the latest release (1.0.6) of DropoutGS.

Lenticular Flip Creation with DropoutGS

Demonstration of lenticular flip creation using Photogra's DropoutGS Photo Event Management Software

3D Accuprint
3D Accuprint

Adding text to DropoutGS backgrounds

In this video shows you how to add text to the bottom of a background template. It also demonstrates how to create a drop shadow.

Working with Templates

Go over the creation of templates (backgrounds and overlays) within dropoutGS including proper size, how to set them to automatically process and more.

(The DropoutGS Software comes in downloadable format. No CD or Box.)

The install for the Express and Professional is the exact same. You can "turn" the Professional into the Express interface by clicking on Settings > Other Settings > (check) Enable one click printing.

Non-Refundable Policy:

This software key is generated by the developer of this software and delivered as a downloadable digital key.
Because of this we cannot offer a refund once a software purchase has been made.
We highly advise to evaluate a fit of the product during the trial period for the software for those that provide a trial mode.

Please use the trial period or check the PC/Mac requirements to make sure that the software meets your needs before purchasing a license. Once purchase is made, its non-refundable and non-transferable.

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