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Q&A for Breeze DSLR Remote Pro Software

Published on May 22, 2012 by

Frequently Asked Questions with Answers for Breeze DSLR Remote Software with Photo Booth printers.

  1. Why can’t I save screen images in the photobooth images folder using my image editor?
  2. The software is unreliable and keeps crashing half way through the shooting sequence. What’s wrong?
  3. How do I add a header or footer or a logo to the prints?
  4. Why does the photobooth stop responding to keyboard input after printing the first set of prints?
  5. How can I reduce the processing time after taking the photos?
  6. Can I use two printers to print out the photo booth strips?
  7. Why does my booth keep resetting to the wrong settings?
  8. Why does my booth freeze after capturing a video clip?
  9. Why do the camera settings change when using a touchscreen on Windows 7?
  10. Why does Hotfolder Prints display “{user_data} empty: not running command on saved layout”  or “XML file not found” ?
  11. How do I save a green screened copy of the photos taken by the camera and where are they stored?
  12. How can I prevent a black bar at the bottom of photos when using external flash with DSLR Remote Pro for Windows?
  13. Can I run a video and stills photo booth and let users choose which one to use?
  14. Is it possible to switch between color, B&W and sepia when capturing videos?
This section on printers and print layouts has a number of worked examples of different layouts. There is also a quick start guide on how to design a classic double strip of four images here:

This series of articles on photo booth shooting contains lots of useful information:


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