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Photo Printers Review: Sinfonia CS2 vs DNP DS620a

Published on July 20, 2016 by

DNP vs Sinfonia printers
Being able to provide high-quality photo prints on-location can help your photography or photo booth business significantly by helping you stand-out among the others and drive profits for many working professionals.

Holiday portraits, corporate events, wedding photo booths, even amateur sporting events or dog shows are all opportunities to transform your pixels into prints — and profits. However, in order to do this, you’ll need to be able to quickly print high-quality, durable images with a reliable photo printer, without requiring constant paper and ink replacement.

For instance, if you are a photo booth start-up owner, you might be wondering which printer you should choose, or if you are a long-time owner of a photo booth printer, you may be considering an upgrade or whether you’ve bought a printer that is best for your business. If you are in the process of buying a photo booth printer, you are likely looking for printer reviews to help you find the best. In your research, you may have come across two well-known photo printing devices: Sinfonia Shinko CS2 and DNP DS620A.

Here, we will examine and compare each of these dye sublimation digital photo printer models to help you choose the best printer to rock your photo booth business.

Sinfonia Shinko CS2 Review:

There is plenty to say about the Sinfonia Shinko Color Stream CS2 photo printer. While it may be older than the newer DNP DS620A printer model, it continues to gain popularity with photo booth owners due to its size and affordability.

It is one of the smallest professional photo booth printers on the market and is roughly the same width as the old comparable and now discontinued UP-CX1 model of Sony printers. As such, the Sinfonia CS2 printer is a solid replacement for photo booth owners looking for small, compact, lightweight printers that are still packed with great features, fast, durable and high-quality.

The Sinfonia CS2 printer weighs approximately 22 pounds and is capable of running up to Windows 10. It is easy to load and this small dye-sub printer model will produce 300 4×6 prints per roll at two rolls per case. Depending on your choice of printer media supplies and materials, you can expect an approximate cost of $0.16 per 4×6 print. In terms of speed, this model will print a 4×6 photo at 300dpi resolution in about 11 seconds from start to finish — faster than the popular DNP RX1 photo printer, also regularly compared to the Sinfonia CS2. The quality of the photos themselves are right on par with more expensive printers, and the compact unit is also capable of cutting 4×6 photos into two 2×6 strips.

Although few have reported issues, there have been some printer reviews with mentions of unreliability and unpredictability. However, if you’re looking for an affordable, compact, quality photo booth printer, you really can’t go wrong with the Sinfonia Shinko Color Stream CS2 printer.

DNP DS620A Review:

Using an enhanced print engine system and thermal print head, the DNP DS620A is a professional dye sublimation photo printer designed for high-quality prints with 300dpi resolution at lightning fast speeds. This model produces prints ranging from 6×8 images to 2×6 photo strips, and in the printer’s “high-speed” mode, you will have a 4×6 photo in just eight seconds. The DNP DS620A can produce up to 400 4×6 photos in one hour, and you can use the same media for either matte or glossy finishes. This model also features USB 2.0 connectivity to a computer, and you can select a watermark to be printed on the back of the photos. Media is available in 6×8, 5×7, and 4×6 rolls that provide 200/230/400 prints each, respectively.

During the actual operation of the DS620A printer, you will notice both high-quality and high-speed modes that you can choose depending on your business or personal needs. The low-power standby mode is also a nice feature — the printer quickly wakes with minimal warm-up time. You also have the ability to connect the printer with the manufacturer’s WPS-1 Wireless Print Server, allowing you to directly print from phones, tablets, and even some Wi-Fi-connected DSLRs, which increases your on-location options since you can send prints to the printer from nearly anywhere.

While the unit is very compact at just 10.8 x 14.4 x 6.7 inches, some may feel it is heavier than other comparable models at 26.4 pounds. Still, the ease of use of the DS620A leaves hundreds of customers satisfied as DNP has once again done a fantastic job with the installation and use of the printer’s print drivers.

How They Compare: Sinfonia CS2 vs DNP DS620a

Whereas the Sinfonia CS2 is an older model and more affordable than the DNP DS620A, the dye-sub 620A printer is much faster. If you’re used to waiting around for inkjet printers, the 8.3-second print speed of the DS620A is almost instantaneous. However, since the DNP 620A is faster and newer, it also comes with a higher price tag than the Sinfonia CS2. If you’re looking for the best portable and compact printer, we recommend the DNP 620A, but if you need a more affordable, economic option, you might be pleasantly surprised by the Sinfonia CS2.

Choose from some of our best priced DNP620a printers and Sinfonia CS2 printer models and print supplies available on the market today:

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  1. Yes, it easy to set up. Install the printer driver and you are good to go.
    It supports these MAC printer drivers:
    MAC driver ver1.00 Build070 Compatible with MAC 10.8 or newer and if running El Capitan -10.11.4 or newer.

    MAC Driver version1.00 Build050 – MAC Driver for S6145 CS2, S2145, S1245, & S6245 (Compatible up to 10.8) Ver 1.0 Build 050

  2. I only use Sinfonia CS2 printers in our Photo Booths we make and sell. I think they are great printers, very compact and priced right.

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