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New upcoming DNP Packaging Improvements

Published on April 27, 2012 by

DNP paper media packaging improvemnents DNP launched a project to improve their packaging design and upgrade integrity of the media cartons.

We are pleased to announce that these enhancements will be implemented over the next several months and you will begin receiving the new packaging as indicated below:

* New Artwork only

There are quite a few positive modifications to the DS40 media packaging which include new artwork design, reinforced corrugated cartons, addition of streamlined box inserts and the use of more environmentally friendly materials.

As you can see all very positive improvements. Rest assured that the quality of our dye-sublimation media is unchanged. They are still the same high quality products that you have enjoyed in your previous orders.

These are some of the modifications:

DNP’s environmental conservation efforts continue with their change from plastic to fiber-based material plugs. Their newly engineered plugs are made from 50% corrugated and 50% newspaper fiber with recyclability in mind. The environmentally friendly material allowed DNP to increase the overall depth and circumference of the plug which prevents the paper roll from going out-of-round. The box is made from 40% recycled corrugated materials.

Media boxes will have a cohesive look across all products.

DNP’s new improved boxes utilize a heavier gauge corrugated paper with more than 30% puncture resistance in the 275# C-Flute Kraft specification. This design improves rigidity and makes them significantly stronger with improved Edge Crush Test (ECT) capability.

For even greater package strength and structural integrity, a reinforcing flap has been added across the front of the box. The cross lattice and auto-fold design  reduces the box cavity and cradles the ribbon to keep it from shifting in shipping. The finger slots make it easier for end-user customers to remove the ribbon from the packaging


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  1. I received the new ink for the hiti 510s. It is the environmentally friendly ink. I lost the firmware disc. Is there a way to download it on line. Thank you.

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