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New Mac OS-X Driver for DNP Printers – Beta

Published on May 12, 2015 by


The new Mac OS-X driver adds support for the new DS620A photo printer. With this addition, the Mac driver now supports the full lineup of DNP photo printers:

  • DS40, RX1, and the new DS620A lineup of 6″ inch printers
  • DS80 and DS80DX duplex line of 8″ printers

New Features

In addition to the normal supported print sizes and 2″ photo strips, a new feature of the Mac driver, in combination with the DS620A printer, is the addition of the square photo prints.  The DS620A can produce 6 x 6″ square photos using the 6×8″ media pack as well as the ability to produce 5 x 5″ square photos using the 5×7″ media pack. These print formats are advantageous for event photographers and software developers wanting to provide photo prints from or like the familiar social media image source — in a square format.

The new Mac driver package version is v5.0.169 and supports Mac OS-X 10.9 and 10.0

The driver package of files contains the Mac driver DMG and the related support files:

The Mac driver can also be downloaded from the DNP web site: 




[ Note: This driver is currently in beta test stage. Please click here and read the accompanying documents before installing ]

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2 Responses

  1. Boey

    Hi Currently i’am running MacOS 10.10.4 and i just got the printer yesterday. I cant event get the printer working. Everytime i try to print it will error out with wrong paper size

    Error : com.dnp.printer.wrongPapersize-warning

    OS: Mac OS X 10.10.4
    Media: 4×6
    Print Settings:
    – Paper Size : 6×4
    – DNP Printer Feature :
    – Overcoat – Glossy Resolution – 300
    – Cut Operation – 2 inch

    I dont see any Color Sync Option as mention in Mac Driver Settings User Guide for DNP printers.pdf

    Paper Loaded = 6×4

    Any one else face this issue?

    I loaded my VM with Win7 and started to print and its working fine.

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