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New Luxury Media from DNP – Metallic or Silver Pearl

Silver Pearl, Metallic Media: a New Gold Standard for Professional Prints

  Perfect for creating spectacular action and fine-art prints, the new Luxury media from DNP delivers amazing output quality that will stun your customers and keep them coming back.

DNP Luxury media is designed to meet the growing, diverse demands for commercial and personal prints and enables photographers to elevate and expand their customer print options — keeping customers coming back for more.

With two product offerings; Metallic and Silver Pearl, DNP Luxury media will deliver the most vibrant and unique dye-sublimation prints the industry has ever seen. Set your images apart from everyone else with these new offerings for your customers. 

DNP Luxury media is specially designed with a metallic color layer that will bring your images to life like never before.  Both Metallic and Silver Pearl media are available as a premium, single-roll package and are compatible with DS620A and DS820A DNP printers.

DNP Metallic photo, silver photo

Available Sizes:
DS6206x8LXMM = DS620A Luxury Media 6×8″, Metallic, 1 roll/case, 200 prints

DS6206x8LXSP = DS620A Luxury Media 6×8″, Silver Pearl, 1 roll/case, 200 prints

DS6205x7LXMM = DS620A Luxury Media 5×7″, Metallic, 1 roll/case, 230 prints

DS6205x7LXSP = DS620A Luxury Media 5×7″, Silver Pearl, 1 roll/case, 230 prints

DS8208x12LXMM = DS820A Luxury Media 8×12″, Metallic, 1 roll/case, 110 prints

DS8208x12LXSP = DS820A Luxury Media 8×12″, Silver Pearl, 1 roll/case 110 prints


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