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New HiTi P510 series reusable Ribbon cartridge replacement!

Published on June 8, 2015 by

Hiti media for the 510-series media will soon be changing to a reusable ribbon cartridge for its media.   For the first few months, the reusable cartridge for each case of media will be shipped.  After the first few months, the media will ship with ribbon and paper only.  Please make sure you know that this change is coming.  The whole goal is to try to make this transition as painless as possible. Media that ships from us during the month of June should still be the old format.  The new style media should begin shipping beginning in July.

To make the environment better,  this new design of P510 consumables can greatly lower the use of plastic material which generates carbon emission in the course of manufacturing.
Using the new design of P510 consumables can be hassle-free, and please follow the instruction below to get the consumables working well on your P510 printer without any trouble.

Beginning with media shipped in November 2015, the 510 media will begin shipping without ribbon trays at all. Please remember to save them to be used as a reusable Ribbon tray!

Firstly, please connect the printer with your computer thru USB cable and then power on the printer. Updated firmware is stored in the CD bundled with the consumables. If it is missing, please contact HiTi or us for assistance.

IMPORTANT!) Please do not use the new ribbon tray before upgrading the firmware as doing that will count down on the internal chip and make it invalid to the printer. If that happens you will need to get a new case of media with a new ribbon tray and use it only AFTER upgrading the firmware. If you send HiTi the ribbon tray and tell them it was “invalidated”, HiTi will replace the chip and send it back to them at no charge. Other than that I would suggest calling HiTi tech support: (909) 594-0099 (Option #2)

You can try downloading the software here. It might be available on HiTi’s website by the time you read this article.

1) Upon opening the files: Double click the file “UpdateFW.exe” to run the upgrade automatically.


2) Click “START” button to begin the process. Firmware upgrading takes around 6-8 minutes. Do not interrupt the process or else it would incur malfunction of the printer. Once the firmware is successfully upgraded, the printer will reset automatically.


Open the box and identify the ribbon holder. Inside the box, there’s a bundled ribbon holder and 2 sets of ribbon and paper. If any of them is missing, please contact the dealer nearest to you for assistance. Please note that the ribbon holder is a reusable part and please keep it in a safe place for future use as needed.

Identifying the ribbon and holder: ”S” & “T” mark can be found on both the ribbon and holder. It is important that S side of ribbon must meet S side of holder in the course of assembly.

P510 New Type Media Annocement

Assembling the ribbon kit:

P510 New Type Media Annocement2


Disassembling the ribbon kit as show below:

P510 New Type Media Annocement3

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93 Responses

  1. Gbadebo Oluwagbega p.

    Thanks everyone for your comments. My issues is that of the the use of new cartridge with out upgrade but thank God I found the remedy on this platform and am so glad hiti made the firmware download able though am yet to download and install to see if it really works or not. I will suggest that whenever hiti make any changes to any of the cartridges or ribbon their should always be the software to make the change available in the cartoons of cartridge,ribbon and paper with guidelines to avoid this expensive damages and disappointment. Thanks from Nigeria

  2. Fernando Perez

    Por favor, yo nesecito los ajustes de papel para impresiones de 5×7, mi P510s solo imprime 4×6 pero yo neecsito hacer impresiones 5×7 y necesito los ajustadores del rollo de papel, son dos pieza, donde las puedo conseguir, urgencia, gracias

  3. chris

    Where do i buy or get the resusable tray. i ran out of the old media and purchased a lot not knowing about this change. can i just purchase a reusable ribbon tray??

  4. Valerie Cappelletti

    is the ribbon holder different for the 4×6 and 5×7 or can we use the same one?

    • If you are talking about the actual ribbon tray that holds the ribbons yes it is the same one. The older method with the cartridige is different from each other.

  5. andreea


    I have the p110s printer from hiti and our dealer has no longer ribbon and photo paper for this. Can i use consumables from hiti p510s?


  6. Anand

    I habe new p510rubber cartridge
    If anybody needs plz contact me

  7. Manny Felarca

    I recently ran out of media (old style that doesn’t require new ribbon tray) and contacted HiTi company for the ribbon tray. They walked me through the firmware upgrade on the spot. The very next day, I received the ribbon tray for 4×6 and 5×7 media. Wow!!!!! That’s customer service!!!!!! Everything works. Thank you, HiTi.

  8. Jodi Dick

    I have lots of paper but no ink after not upgrading firmware when I should have. Any chance I can purchase the ink by itself?

  9. Nino

    I upgraded the firmware and everything works fine with the new cartridges, the only issue is that the printer now is a lot slower than before, any ideas?

  10. Shin

    Do I need to take the paper and ribbon (old version) out before updating to the new firmware? Thanks

  11. rythel zalsos

    how many times can you use the new reusable cart I have a problem with two already the printer thus not read it anymore after we using it with the two paper that comes with it?

  12. Jean Matteo

    I used the ribbon and paper before upgrading the firmware, not the tray counter is on zero so now I can’t reuse it. Is there any software to reset the tray chip? thanks in advance

  13. Melissa Karikas

    I have a Hiti p510s and I have spoke with someone from tech support about having my ink cassette chip replaced. What is the address that I need to send the cassette to? Thanks so much!

  14. I dont understand how the counter download works. it shows current count of 20988, recorded count of 20988 and diff is 0 there are buttons for refesh and record. Can you give specific directions as to how we should read it? if we need to refresh or keep track of anything? It is very confusing.

  15. zeeyah

    received my p510k photo paper with new ribbon but there was no ribbon holder in the same box..however there were 5 ribbon holders in another box with 5 chip in it..very confused as to how to go bout setting that up.please help..

  16. Eric Wilson

    I am getting “check sum error SDRAM” and thefirmware will not complete.

    • From what I know is that “Check sum error SDRAM ” would more than likely mean that the version of the firmware is not correct. This error code is the same for other HiTi printers. Please call HiTi tech support for further details: Tech Support # (909) 594-0099 (Option #2)


  17. Carolina

    Ayuda!!! Tengo un codigo de error 0x80103 con el nuevo cartucho pero solo en el 6×8.
    Ni manual ni por computadora sirve.Tengo Mac

    • 1. Retire la cinta .
      2. Limpie el chip con un borrador limpio en el lado de la cinta y vuelva a instalar la cinta .
      3. Si persiste el mensaje de error, intenta instalar una nueva cinta diferente.
      Si todavía hay un mensaje de error, póngase en contacto con su distribuidor más cercano de HiTi. Si lo compro en Foto Club porfavor llamenos para explicarle en mas detalles que pueda ser.

  18. my hiti p510s printer, not getting good print. the three colors are printing like double image

  19. Am I the only one who cannot even get the ribbons loaded into the tray? I would have to force it in that the new tray might break. Everything came from the same box fresh from B&H.the new tray is labeled 4×6 and the box is labeled 4×6, I’ve made sure the ribbon is facing the right way but it’s off by a 1/16 of an inch (2-3 mm) Ideas?

    • I had the same problem at my last event. The ribbon holder was just slightly longer and wouldn’t clip into place. I contacted Hiti and they simply said the distributor sent me the wrong product – really?

  20. Dale

    I have used the new style without upgrading the firmware.. Now when replacing thr ribbon, the printer is always saying “out of ribbon”. Will it resolve the problem after updating to a new software? Can I still use these cartidges? If not can I send them back to where I purchase them and have them reset so I can use these cartidges again? The dealer that I purchased this did not made me aware of the new firmware only until I experience problems and dig into the boxes. The dealer just told me that there is a new packaging, when asked what was changed, they don’t know.


    • Who did you speak to? What HiTi dealer / reseller?

    • marco ramirez

      hello, i think i’m having the same issue. i did update the firmware, and have since used the old ribbon/trays to use up my old stock of it. when i used the updated tray again, it had failed midway into an event, and says out of ribbon. i’m assuming the firmware did not take. my question is, will the new trays only work if the firmware is installed? if yes, then i have a faulty tray. i called tech support and left a message.

  21. Michael

    How can I update the firmware from a mac?

  22. Rogerio

    Posso atualizar direto do cd que acompanha o ribbon,? obrigado.

    • Se nós lhe enviou um costume queimado CS com os arquivos necessários , então sim .
      Se ele veio diretamente de HiTi eu sugiro fazer o download dos arquivos mais recentes

      “I can directly update the CD that came with the ribbon ,? thank you.”

      (If we sent you a custom burned CS with the required files then yes.
      If it came directly from HiTi I’d suggest to download the latest files.)

  23. Erich

    So the counter stopped working now with these new cartridges as far as telling how many pictures are left and now all they offer is this stand alone counter program? That program doesn’t tell you how many prints are left on the current paper/ink cartridge though. It just tells you how many prints the printer itself has taken in its entire lifetime. How can you tell how many are left on the cartridge now? Are they saying after every time you replace the cartridge you have to open up this program and press “record” or something? That program makes no sense.

  24. 2nd post: I found out that even after reinserting the old riboon(non-reusable), the print counter still doesn’t work. Like stated earlier I followed the instructions exactly as they said and upgraded the firmware BEFORE inserting the reusable carthridge. The print count doesn’t work and stays stuck at 330 with the new reusable carthridge. Then I swapped out the reusable carthridge for the old one and I had left off at 56 prints left, printed four reprints… and it still says 56! Someone please help! Thank you

  25. Hi,

    I am very concern with the problem I’m facing, I have two p510 printers, the oldest works just fine with new media ribbon. On the other hand, in spite of updating the firmware and and following instructions to the key I continue getting the same error (ribbon mismatch or missing).
    I one got it to work after I performed a cleaning cycle, but I know it must to been just a random act of God.
    I need advise, I am at the peek of our season and just can’t get by with an extra printer.

    Please help!

    • Hello Israel, Can you please provide information to me if the printer acts up with another PC?

      another question, are pieces of ribbon sticking to the prints? If so, it might be a defective printer head. Maybe not enough heat to fully melt the ribbon? There have been instances that ‘Bad paper’ would cause releasing issues with the ribbon.

      The printer can detect the paper by the spools on the sides. It detects the ribbon from the chip on the cartridge that connects to a sensor inside the printer. Check the sensor for debris. Check the chip and use a pink pencil eraser to clean it. Also, does the ribbon “click” firmly when you place it in?

  26. Alfonso

    I bought the new kit of reusable tray but didnt know about this so I started using it with the old firmware. It was strange that it only came with one tray.

    I still have print remaining for the 1st ribbon and paper and want to be able to use the second, if I upgrade the firmware will I still be able to use the remaining prints from the 1st ribbon and paper bundle ? I havent maxed yet

    • After the firmware upgrade, all these combinations should work.

      The new Media paper Roll with the old cartridge or Vice versa, new Ribbon tray with old paper roll.

  27. Ribbon switching seems to be working fine with all our hiti printers.
    We can’t get the patch to work for the counter? Any ideas on that?


  28. Amy

    It thinks it’s out of ribbon but we just put a new one in.

  29. Do we need to hook up each of our 8 printers and do the firmware or is it just needed on each laptop we use? The firmware is different than the printer drivers for the 501’s?

    Thank you!

  30. Have most of the issues with the new ribbons been resolved?
    We really don’t want to switch printers as we own 8 hi ti’s and they have worked very well over the past 3-4 years.


    • Just make sure to not insert the ribbon tray before upgrading the firmware as it will count down the chip and makes it invalid. The majority of the upgrade problems are because of that. I’d say to try it on one of your printers.

  31. Do we need to delete or uninstall the old printer drivers before we install the new firmware?

  32. Jody D.

    Can I use the new media roll with an older ribbon cartridge prior to updating the firmware?

    • Yes. After the firmware upgrade, all combinations should work. The new Media paper Roll with the old cartridge or Vice versa, new Ribbon tray with old paper roll.

  33. grant

    Do you have to upgrade the firmware/drivers to get the new ribbon to work?

  34. Jeancarlos

    Is there an instruction video online on how to load the new ribbon onto the printer?

  35. Billy Kothe

    I have installed the firmware. New ribbon gives error message ribbon missing. Put old ribbon back in and works fine. Do I need to upgrade software or possibly re-install?

    • The majority of the problems are people using the new ribbon tray before upgrading the firmware and it counts down the chip and makes it invalid. If that happens you will need to get a new case of media with a new ribbon tray and use it only AFTER upgrading the firmware. If you send HiTi the ribbon tray they was “invalidated”, HiTi will replace the chip and send it back to them at no charge. Other than that I would suggest calling HiTi tech support: (909) 594-0099 (Option #2)

  36. vic

    hi… after updated the firmware, why i can read my ribbon numbers remaining?

  37. Hello, the new reusable cartridge will come inside the media kit? do you know if the new firmware also runs with the old cartridge?.

    thanks in advance

    • For the time being, the Ribbon Tray(not the “reusable cartridge”) will come in the media case. Starting November 2015 HiTi will not provide the ribbon trays in the media case anymore so please save them as they will charge a price for them after this date.

      On your second question: YES the new firmware is backwards compatible so it will also support the old cartridges as well as the new ribbons.

  38. Ross

    With the old ribbon cartridge I was able to determine how many prints are left from the printer menu. With the reusable one this doesn’t seem to work and is stuck with 330 left. Is that correct behavior?

  39. I have installed the new firmware and inserted my new ribbon tray along with the ribbon assembled correctly.yet I’m still getting error message ribbon missing.hiti has sent me a replacement tray and still doesn’t work …what could the problem be? I forgot to mention that I sent back one of my old ribbons to replace the microchip.the old grey one with replaced micro chip works fine..the black tray however does not.

  40. Al McCarty

    We upgraded the driver and firmware in 3 ( Three) P 510 L printers yesterday 9 28 2015 and had big issues
    1. The new Black cartridge ( 2 different ones were used) were not making proper contact with the rear sensor inside the printer and error codes were frequent –
    Code 524 292 – Ribbon Missing was one , 524 800 – Ribbon mismatch was another.
    2 We often had to slide in and out the new ” Clean Green ” Black Cartridge up to 11 Times to get the blinking amber lite to turn green . This Should NOT happen . There is a defect in the new cartridges as these issues never came up with the Old Media from a few months ago. Three times we had to ” trick” the printer to work by running a test print ( 4×6 ) but setting it for 6 x 8. when the 524 800 error code popped up we reset to 4 x 6 and then it worked . Over all there is a Problem with the New Media and it’s not good. Best of luck everyone , Al

    • From what we have experienced the majority of the problems are people using the new ribbon tray before upgrading the firmware and it counts down the chip and makes it invalid. If that happens you will need to get a new case of media with a new ribbon tray and use it only AFTER upgrading the firmware. If you send HiTi the ribbon tray they was “invalidated”, HiTi will replace the chip and send it back to them at no charge. Other than that I would suggest calling HiTi tech support: (909) 594-0099 (Option #2). Hope that helps.

  41. ray

    will the new firmware work on windows 8.1 ? im using windows 7..

  42. Will the new ribbon holder be available to purchase, I would like to have a few on hand and pre load them for my crews.

    Please EMAIL ME

    • Updated October 22, 2015
      For NA region The 510 series printer will now support Win XP, Vista, Win 7 and Win 8 [Supports Windows 8 x86 and x64, but not Windows 8 RT. Able to print via Desktop Style App., but not Windows 8 Style App. (Metro Style App.)].

      You can download the firmware from here:

      Sorry, at the current moment HiTi is not providing them. Stay tuned.

  43. Can I use the new cartigde design without upgrading firmware ??

  44. Alana

    do i need to uninstall the printer before upgrading the firmware? I just upgraded and it wont print with the new or old ink.

  45. Moi

    I still have a ink cartridge of the old style in the printer. Can I upgrade the firmware now before it runs out at a gig & when I run out at a gig can I switch to this new style of cartridges without any problems?

    • Please note that before using the new design of p510 ribbon consumables you will NEED to upgrade the firmware of your p510 printer in advance. I believe old ribbon cartridges will not work with the new firmware.
      – J.T.

  46. HYiu

    Is there a download link to get the firmware update as suppose to a CD?

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