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New DNP RX1 FIRMWARE UPDATE v2.04 improves Print speeds by up to 20%!

Published on July 21, 2016 by


Would you like to increase the print speed of your DS-RX1 printer by as much as 20%?

DNP announces the availability of the version 2.04 firmware for the DS-RX1 photo printer series. Please read the entire notice carefully in order to maximize the benefits of this new firmware upgrade. Information about the new Print Media is also included below.

Two New Key Benefits

The updated v2.04 firmware builds on the proven DS-RX1 printer track record and delivers functional improvements that will increase productivity. The v2.04 firmware brings two key improvements:
1. Enhanced DS-RX1 print speed performance to the same speed as the new DS-RX1HS printer, increasing print speeds by as much as 20% without reduction in print resolution. This can deliver up to 290 prints per hour (4×6″/ 10x15cm)*.
2. The addition of USB iSerial functionality is an under-the-hood improvement that will simplify connectivity to both PC and Mac computers**.

*High speed mode; gloss finish; optimized image files.
** Refer to supplemental FAQ information for additional details.

DNP’s v2.04 firmware update for the DS-RX1 can be found on DNP’s website:

Note: ** The v2.04 firmware update REQUIRES the use of RX1HS print media. **
Tech Tip: Be sure to review the firmware update Instructions and important information contained in the ReadMe file within file download package.

Please be advised to first use up any existing stock of their standard DS-RX1 media BEFORE installing the updated high speed v2.04 firmware as the standard media will NO LONGER WORK on any printer once the RX1 printer is updated updated with the v2.04 firmware.

Printer status of the RX1 printer Before and After the firmware Update:


Switching to high speed media requires very little; simply install and use as if it were a roll of standard media.
  1. Standard RX1 media will not be compatible with any DS-RX1 printers that have the updated ‘high speed’ v2.04 firmware installed. 
  2. High speed RX1HS media will work with any DS-RX1 printer whether the printer has been updated with the new ‘high speed’ v2.04 firmware or not. 
  3. High speed printing on the RX1 will require the new ‘high speed’ v2.04 firmware be installed, i.e. although you can use the high speed media in the DS-RX1 on its own without updating the printer’s firmware, this will not lead to any change in print speed.

NOTE: Users are advised to use up any stock of standard DS-RX1 media before switching to the high speed media or installing the v2.x firmware.

DS-RX1 Series HS Print Media: (only acceptable media after the update)

The new HS media for the DS-RX1 printer series is designated ‘RX1HS’. The packaging design for the new RX1HS media will differ from the current packaging design.

The HS media will have the same amazing print quality and resolution. It is the successor to the current RX1 media sets. The primary difference is that, in addition to working with all current DS-RX1 v1 printers (i.e. without the new ‘high speed’ v2.04 firmware installed), the new high speed media will also work with DS-RX1 printers that have the new v2.04 firmware installed.

RX1HS(4×6); Print Media 4×6″ for DS-RX1 Series; (10x15cm) 2 rolls per carton, 1400 total prints per box.
sku# RX1HS(68)
RX1HS(6×8) ; Print Media 6×8″ for DS-RX1 Series; (15x20cm) 2 rolls per carton,700 total prints per box

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5 Responses

  1. Matt Mirocha

    Great post!! This just answered all of the questions I had about the new HS media and if it would work with my old RX1 if I didn’t update the firmware. I’ll be in the middle of an event when I run out of the old media and I have to install the new HS media I received in my recent order. I’m glad I won’t have to worry about trying to update the firmware until after the event is finished.

  2. Do you guys see any Firmware coming out for the Sinfonia CS2 or other popular Photo Booth printers to speed up prints?

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