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New DNP ID400 Operating Firmware v2.01 and Instructions

Published on October 15, 2012 by

DNP has announced the release of firmware version 2.01 for the ID400 Passport System! To download the firmware > Click Here. < Don’t forget to Read below for instructions on how to properly update the firmware.


This new firmware improves and optimizes performance and functionality. Key improvement areas are print sharpness, wireless reliability, and photo templates. A brief overview of each of these areas is listed below:

Print Sharpness
A readjustment to the default print sharpness level. This improvement will result in a sharper printed image.

Print Sharpness


Wireless Reliability
Increased wireless reliability in the rare case when the LAN SD signal strength is weak or encountering interference. Improved processing will result in faster transmission handling.

Wireless Reliability

Photo Templates
Supports ID Photo templates created by Utility Software version 2.01. This enhanced feature is used for creating a series of prints with several photo templates including logos and text. This printing mode automatically creates a package of prints for each image on templates that you created; great for events and parties.

Photo Templates


ID400 Firmware Update Procedure:

You can update the unit’s firmware. For information on the latest firmware, visit the DS-ID400 support site (http://dnpphoto.net/support-e/)

Note: Do not turn off the unit while updating is in progress.

  1. Save the firmware update to an SD card or USB memory
  2. Press the MENU button
  3. Press ▼on the control button to display [SYSTEM] on the LCD display
  4. Press ► [SYSTEM SETTINGS] appears
  5. Press ►
  6. Press ▼ to display [FIRMWARE UPDATE].
  7. Press ► [INSERT MEMORY CARD] appears
  8. Insert the SD card or USB memory device on which the firmware update is saved.
  9. Verify the firmware update version, and press the EXEC button.
    – Updatinng begins, and [NOW UPDATING] appears on the LCD display.
    – When updatng is finished, the unit restarts.
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