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New DNP DS and RX printer’s ICC Profiles and Instructions

Published on June 2, 2014 by

FYI-BLOG-ICC-DNP DNP has now released an updated ICC color profiles to support the DS and RX series dye-sublimation photo printers. These new profiles are part of DNP’s ongoing efforts to provide the best in image clarity, color vibrancy, and consistent performance between printers.

Key improvements include:

  • Reduction of red bias in light regions and flesh tones.
  • Increased contrast in highlight regions (improved white-on-white contrast)
  • Improved color consistencies between DNP DS and RX series of printers

These new profiles are available for immediate download at http://dnpphoto.com/Support/Downloads/DriversTools.aspx and the Installation Instructions are also available for these applications at http://dnpphoto.com/Support/Downloads/Manuals.aspx.

All DNP-supported applications can benefit from these updates including:

  • Mac and Windows printer drivers for DS and RX printers
  • API-based  integrations
  • Print Turbine platforms
  • Mobile Party Print and Hot Folder Print

The new ICC profiles will be included in-box with all RX1, DS40, and DS80 printers with shipments starting July 14, 2014.

Instructions to manually update the ICC Profiles of DNP’s Hot Folder Print Utility and Mobile Party Print are available on the web site at:

Check back on July 14 as the ICC profiles will also be included in DNP’s Hot Folder Print Utility.

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2 Responses

  1. Emil


    Where can I find the icc profiles? I can only find drivers.

    Thank you

    • Go to “Printer Color Profiles” -> and then click on “Current ICC Profiles for RX and DS Series Printers“…and SAVE. Hope that helps! -J

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