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Home Mitsubishi Tech Tips How to run a Mitsubishi CP3020 printer on a Windows 7 64bit system

How to run a Mitsubishi CP3020 printer on a Windows 7 64bit system

Published on December 10, 2013 by
Have an old Mitsubishi CP3020 printer that can’t print on a Windows 7 – 64 bit system?

It is true that Win 7-64 bit PC drivers are not available for the Mitsubishi 3020 but there is a solution to this. Try this: “Running Windows 7 64bit system with 32bit dual boot”

Just make sure you have appropriate partitions for both operating systems installed. You can install either before or after, doesn’t matter. Windows 7 64 bit setup cannot be started from within Windows 7 32 bit, so if you install that first, you will need to boot from your Windows 7 64 bit disk, click Custom Install during the install options and select the prepared hard disk or partition and Windows 7 will take care of the rest.

Once installation is complete, you will have the option when your computer to select either version to boot into. Please note, you can only have 1 activated license, if you need to use both, you will need have both licensed separately, cannot use the same key. However, you can evaluate both for 30 days until decide which one is appropriate for your needs.

Happy printing!


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