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HiTi P510-series Ribbon-Jam Quick Fix Tutorial

Published on July 10, 2012 by

This Quick-Fix tutorial will show you how to resolve Ribbon Jams for the P510-series printers.
(This will work for Hiti P510L, P510S, P510Si and P510K) For this tutorial we will be using a P510L as an example.

This usually happens when printer head gets pressed against the Ink Ribbon sheet causing it to get blocked from removing itself from the printer.

1) Flip printer with paper slot facing up:

FLIP P510 printer with paper slot facing up

This printer placement will enable the print head to move back to its normal position therefore allowing clearance for the ribbon to be safely removed.

2) Open media cover and remove Ink Ribbon:

Pull out ribbon

There you have it!  If you have any questions let us know and don’t forget to follow Foto Club BLOG for Do it yourself Quick Fixes and Tutorials.

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6 Responses

  1. How do I invert my images on my Hiti P510?

    • Hello MArk, Are you asking how to invert the colors to a negative field within a picture? I do know that In Photoshop you can go to: Image > Adjustments > Invert. Or just ‘control-I’.

  2. Clarence

    My ribbon is still stuck and will not release. After trying your method i am still stuck. Have you experienced this? If so please let me know how I can fix it.

    • Is this on the new ribbon tray or the old cartridge? Try the solutions posted below if it still does not work it might be hardware related… please call HiTi to get this fixed: (909) 594-0099

  3. clement

    Pls I buy hit P510s as fairly used. I notice if I print a picture d face of picture will look like there is grain ontop or like yellow substance ontop. Pls help

    • Hello Clement, Can not guarantee that these steps would help your USED hiti printer but it is worth a try.

      Follow these steps to clean your P510L or P510s.
      the Hiti P510 series printers only need cleaning as need:
      There is a link that show how clean the unit: Please Follow these steps to clean your P510L or P510s. (same)


      If that does not fix anything I would advise you to go to the HiTi page and download the latest driver & firmware for this printer:

      Other things you can do are:
      – attach the printer to another PC and print to it for a period of time?
      this would help isolate whether the printer or the driver is defective.

      The printer can tell the amount of paper by the spools on the sides. It also can tell the ribbon from the chip on the cartridge that connects to a sensor inside the printer.
      Check the sensor for any debris, trash, scraps etc.. Check the chip and use a pink pencil eraser to clean it. Does the ribbon “click” firmly when you place it in?

      Also find out if the P510L printer acts up with another PC.

      Hope that helps.

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