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Giant photo booth strip with the New DNP SL620A – DS620A Panorama update!

The DNP SnapLab+ SL620A all-in-one and the DNP DS620A printer can now print Panoramic (pano) prints and Luster prints.

This is available on the SnapLab when the software is updated through the admin/maintenance section.  This will update both the T-Mini and the DS620 printer.  The DNP SnapLabs / T-Minis that are now shipping already have the latest software but the printer still needs to be updated.  Although the T-Mini can be used with the DS40 and RX1 only the DS620 can produce a pano print.

The DS620A Printer can print pano prints without the snaplab/ T-Mini terminal.  To do so you need to do the following updates.

–          DS620A Firmware v1.41

–          DS620A Driver

–          DNP Hot Folder Print Utility (HFP) v2.1

These updates are located on the DNP download site.  http://dnpphoto.com/en-us/Support/Downloads.  In addition to regular Pano Prints you may want to use these new print sizes as giant photo booth strips depending on the photobooth software used.

To print Pano prints standard DS620A 6×8 Media is used.

–          6×14 size prints use the equivalent of 2 6×8 prints worth of media

–          6×20 size prints use the equivalent of 3 6×8 prints worth of media

*When printing pano prints the printer will print the image in sections and the paper will exit and rewind into the printer several times before being cut.  Standard and enlargement print trays cannot be used.

 Pano prints can be a very profitable product for an event photographer.  Venues that shoot skyline type photos or other panoramic type shots can produce a spectacular pano print that a traditional 6×8 or even an 8×10 enlargements cannot capture.

Size: 6×8″ = Cost .38¢ – Sell at $10-$15
Size: 6×20″ Pano = Cost $1.14 – Sell at $15-$25

DS620A Firmware v1.41

–          The DS620 needs to be updated to allow for the new features.

DS620A Driver

–          Need to update the firmware first

–          This will allow you to print glossy, matte and now new Luster prints

–          They also removed most of the non-used and confusing print sizes from the driver

–          The new Driver will not print Pano prints.  You need to use the new HFP v2.2 software

New Hot Folder Print Utility (HFP) v2.2

–          Need to update the firmware first

–          Adds 6×14 and 6×20 Pano print sizes (HFP uses the center of the image to create the pano print)

–          The New HFP allows you to print Glossy, Matte and now Luster

–          The New HFP also adds a timeout function when doing multi cut prints.

o   Ex.  Using 6×8 media and you want to print 4×6 images HFP will wait 30 sec. for a 2nd image before printing.  If it doesn’t receive a 2nd image it will print and you end up wasting the equivalent of  ½ a sheet of 6×8 media

DNP Support / Service / Parts Hotline: (855) 367-7604

Email:  dnpsupport@dnp.imgcomm.com


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  1. Alberto

    To print strips in 6×20, what half kit did I use in Ds629a?

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