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Free – New Printer Info App v1.2 for DNP DS or RX printers


The Printer Info version 1.2 application is a standalone printer status display tool that is used to pull printer data from a DS or RX printer. It is independent of the any DNP printer driver or firmware. This free application can be used with the following printers:
DS40 | DS80 | DS80DX | DS620A | RX1.

Once launched, the Printer Info application will provide the following information from the printers connected to your system:


  • Printer: Displays the type of printers attached to your system. 
  • Media Size: Displays the size of the media loaded into the associated printer (i.e., 4×6″, 6×8″, etc.).
  • Media Remaining: Displays the amount of media remaining in the associated printer.
  • Life Counter: Displays the total number  of prints each printer has done over its lifetime.
  • 5×7/6×8: Displays the estimated number of 5×7″ or 6×8″ prints made using 6×8″ media loaded in the designated printer.
  • Counter A: Displays the total number  of prints each printer has done since the counter has been reset.
  • Counter B: Displays the total number  of prints each printer has done since the counter has been reset.
  • Status: This column displays a status code. Please see the Printer Status section for more information.
  • Firmware: This displays the firmware loaded on the designated printer. For the DS80DX, The DS80-D will have a different firmware version than the TU80-X. The firmware versions are displayed as two separate numbers (i.e., 1.15/1.05.).
  • CVD: Displays the color profile that has been assigned to each printer.
  • Serial Number: This column displays the serial number of the associated printer.
    Go to DNP website to download the tool: (under Status Display Tool: PrinterInfo)


 How do I use this? …
1. Download the PrinterInfo v1.2 application zip file by clicking the button above.

2.Unzip the file you downloaded. Before launching the PrinterInfo application, be sure your printers are not in the process of printing.

3. To launch the application, double- click the PrinterInfo.exe icon on your Desktop.
A minimum system requirement of .NET Framework v 4.0 must be on your system. You will be prompted to install it if you do not have it. This would be an direct download from Windows.

4. A dialog box appears, reminding you that  your system should not be in the middle of a  print job when you run the application. If your  system is not in the middle of a print job, click  Yes

After this the printer data will be produced for you. You can now close the App and then use the printer.


Refresh Button in case of error message:
If you see an error code for one of your attached printers, such as a “Paper jam” or a “Low media” warning and you have fixed the error, you can use the Refresh button to update the printer information in the application. If the error is still displayed in the application after you have clicked the Refresh button, you know that the error has not been corrected. At this stage please call DNP Tech Support:

You can Contact DNP IAM technical support from  Mon. – Sun., 9:00 AM – 6:00PM (EST) at:  1-855-367-7604 or 724-696-8957

Email:  dnpsupport@dnpimgcomm.com

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