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FREE Advance Exchange Service Contracts with DNP DS40, DS80 and RX1 purchase!

Published on December 11, 2014 by





Free-Warranty-emblemWith any new DNP  DS40, DS80, and RX1 photo printer purchase before March 25, 2015, you can receive a DNP 3-year Advance Exchange (AE) Service Contract at no charge. Yes, you heard right, FREE! That’s a $399.99 retail value! You have until March 31, 2015 to return the promotional form to DNP.

(A-Stock Only. Pre-owned are excluded) Please contact your Foto Club sales rep with any questions. 1(888) 921-3686

 Advance Exchange (AE) Service Contract Warranties for our most popular stand-alone photo printer: | DS40 Printer | DS80 Printer | RX1 Printer | A DNP 3-year Advance Exchange contract helps to maximize the customer’s up-time during peak usage periods, protecting their revenue streams generated from photo sales.

Compared to the competition, this Service Contract that DNP offers is MORE THAN TWO TIMES THE THERMAL PRINT HEAD COVERAGE at a very affordable price. “Hot Swap” units guaranteed to ship via DNP DS80 3-Year Advance Exchange Service Contract Warranty (SP-DS80-AE2) SP-DS80-AE22-day service — and all repairs are made with Genuine DNP parts by factory-trained and certified technicians.

In short, with this AE Service contract DNP will send you out a “swap printer” via 2 day service and covering the freight.

So there is less downtime and a greater print head coverage on this warranty.”

When purchasing a 3-Year AE Service Contract, the thermal print head warranty limits are extended to more than twice the standard manufacturer’s warranty.


Follow the links below to read or for full details:





| DS40 Printer |

The earlier of 3 Years or 125,000 prints (4×6″)
RX1 Warranty https://www.fotoclubinc.com/Images/emailers/epson/Epson-Signature-Mediapromo/go-button-png.png


| RX1 Printer |

The earlier of 3 Years or 75,000 prints (4×6″)
DS40 Warranty https://www.fotoclubinc.com/Images/emailers/epson/Epson-Signature-Mediapromo/go-button-png.png


| DS80 Printer |

The earlier of 3 years or 25,000 prints (8×10″)
DS80 Warranty https://www.fotoclubinc.com/Images/emailers/epson/Epson-Signature-Mediapromo/go-button-png.png


You can read more on the DNP Advanced Exchange Service Contract by >clicking here<.


(click to download PDF 300kb)

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