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DS620A iSerial Settings for proper Mac driver OS-X operation

Published on June 12, 2015 by


For Mac users connecting to the DS620A, please utilize the iSerial Enable Tool to support the iSerial functionality within the DS620A printer firmware. This ensures proper operation with the Mac driver for OS-X 10.9.4 and later.

The purpose of the is tool is to allow you to switch the iSerial feature in your printers firmware from “Disabled” to “Enabled”.


  1.  A single printer attached to a host will reflect an accurate status in the driver.
  2. When two printers of like configuration (same media loaded) are attached, the driver will recognize both printers separately and both printers will be fully operational.

To download the iSerial Enable Tool, please access on the DNP web site:

Please read these instructions before proceeding:

1. Connect and turn your DS620/620A printer(s) on.

(Your printer(s) must be powered on for the tool to recognize/update them. The iSerial Enable Tool can recognize up to five (5) DS620/620A printers simultaneously. You may use the iSerial Enable Tool with or without having the Mac driver installed.)

2. Unzip the iSerial Enable Tool.

3. Once unzipped, double-click the tool’s icon.

4. Upon opening, the tool is populated with information associated with your printers, including the USB Serial Number of your DS620/620A printer(s) and whether the iSerial functionality is enabled/disabled. The USB Serial Number will not appear if the iSerial functionality is not enabled.

5. If your printers are not already enabled, select the iSerial Enabled checkbox for each printer.

( Before selecting the iSerial Enabled checkbox, your printer(s) must be available, i.e. not printing images, etc. To verify that your printer is available, check the Status column in the iSerial Enable Tool. )

6. Upon selecting the iSerial Enabled checkbox, you are prompted to reboot your printer(s). Turn your DS620/620A printer off, and then turn it back on. Then click OK on the dialog box.

7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for each printer.

( If you deselect the iSerial Enabled checkbox, the iSerial functionality is disabled for the associated printer. )

8. Once the appropriate changes have been made, close the iSerial Enable Tool before sending images to the printers.


If you have any additional questions, please contact one of the members of
HiTi’s technical support team: email-icon

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