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Home Business News Best in Photography Printing: The Many Uses of Large Format Printers

Best in Photography Printing: The Many Uses of Large Format Printers

Published on August 17, 2016 by

photography printing large format
In this age of ever-evolving digital technology, many photographers often forget that clients are smitten with hard-copy photo prints. Why would a client pay a high price for a photoshoot if not to receive full-size, gorgeous prints? If you don’t offer photography prints, you may be missing out on a key source of extra revenue for your business.

Keep in mind that if you choose to offer photo printing services, you should avoid paying the markup associated with hiring another company to print them for you. In the end, you could lose money since your clients could simply have their photos taken by a competitor and ordered through someone else. In order to make the additional money with your photography service, having an in-house, high-quality photo printer may be a huge benefit.

This is where large format photo printers come in to better help grow your photography business!

Common Benefits & Uses of Large Format Printers for Photographers & Photography Printing Businesses:
Although you might not be convinced that you need a wide format printer for your photography business, keep in mind some of the most common uses of large format printers.

Advertise Your Photography Business
One often-overlooked use of wide format printers in photography is advertising. What better way to make your business standout than to show it off in full-color, large prints, posters, or banners? Whether you’re filling up your portfolio or setting up a booth at a local business, high-quality prints that clearly showcase your abilities as a photographer are an absolute must and can be a profitable source of income once you gain additional clients.

Sell Large & Artwork Size Photography Prints
In the photography industry, prints of landscapes and local landmarks can be big sellers. When you invest in a wide format printer, you can show off your photography in various sizes, using various paper/print mediums, and create stunning prints to showcase at markets, fairs, and in stores throughout your area. Not only will you create another avenue for profit, but you can also use it as another form of advertising by creating a buzz about your business.

Offer Immediate Photo Prints to Clients
Are you a portrait photographer? If so, don’t underestimate the added value of printing services for your clients. When you can do this in-house rather than hiring out, you can charge your clients a reasonable markup, thus placing you a head above your competition and increasing your profits. Think about it: What client wouldn’t love to see their photos and choose their favorites for large wall prints within a matter of minutes?

Create Unique Printed Gifts
Although you’ll most likely use your wide format printer for the business, there’s also an added benefit of being able to print for pleasure. When you can afford to print your own large-scale, in-house photos, you’ll be able to fill your home or office with your beautiful works of art. You may also wish to use the large format printer to create great unique gifts of gorgeous prints, frame-able artwork, or posters for friends and family so that they may enjoy and share your work as well.

Other Considerations
Although any photographer can benefit from a large format printer, they do come with several logistical considerations. When thinking about this investment, ask yourself:

● Will you use the printer regularly?
● Is there enough demand in your business to make your money back on your investment in a reasonable amount of time?
● Are your photograph files large enough to print at a higher quality?
● Do you have the space for a wide format printer?

Although large format printers are useful for many types of industries and businesses, they can be especially important in photography. There’s an incredible pleasure that comes with seeing your photographs in a two-dimensional, physical format. However, before you make the decision to invest in this equipment, be sure to consider the many uses of wide format printers and contact Foto Club, Inc. for more help or with any questions you might have about choosing a large format printer.

Some of Foto Club’s best selling large-format printers for photography & photographers come from the brand-name Epson Sure Color P-Series printers:
best Epson wide format p-series printers

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