Kodak G4 Supplies & Accessories

Kodak G4 Supplies & Accessories
S/W Enabler CD Kit (w/ starter content) for KODAK DL2100 printer
* MUST USE WITH KODAK DL2100 Duplex printer *
FREE w/ Kiosk/Order Station
Kodak Pet Eye Retouch Module v1.0 (1925486) Print photos with the Pet Eye Retouch feature. Instantly removes the glare from your pet's eyes. Easy to use
FREE with Kiosk/Order Station
Freeze and print video moments with the NEW Video Snapshots feature. No need to take video and stills of the same event. Easy and fast to use
FREE with Kiosk/Order Station
Go from spots to spotless automatically with the NEW Facial Retouch feature. Automatically removes or reduces facial blemishes Instantly smoothes skin & reduces wrinkles. Retouches in seconds.
FREE with Kiosk/Order Station
Drives IMPULSE PURCHASES: Reduces consumer barrier to production of multi-image / premium products.
Formerly part number # 148-1902 ( 1481902 )
Ribbon and Roll Paper for the Kodak Kiosk GS Compact (6800-6850 printers).
This media can print
• 750 4x6" prints
• 375 5x7" prints
• 375 6x8" prints

This current KODAK USA part #141 9597 is straight from KODAK manufacturer.
IF YOU ARE NOT BUYING PART #141 9597 you are NOT buying the correct quality and original paper & ribbon item!
Must install latest firmware to print. Read inside
Formerly part# 1099787 and Cat# 1948470

New 9810 printer driver and firmware need to be updated to use new media and take advantage of improved image quality!
See Replacement
This Kodak media has been DISCONTINUED
and REPLACED with Kodak Part #1156413 CLICK HERE
Add to Cart for lower price!
A printer for retailers that want to offer additional value added service by offering on-site duplex photo gifts for their customers – while they wait or for later pick up.
(Must also order Cat# 157-8152 – Software Enabler Kit; List Price $495)

Save $500 PLUS FREE Software Enabler Kit Off Invoice ($995 Value at List Price).
This Kodak kiosk Material has been DISCONTINUED
Call us for any questions or for a recommended replacement item

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