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QUICK FIX: Photo paper feed malfunctions on the DS40 and DS80

Published on December 9, 2013 by


While the DNP is typically a very reliable printer, on rare occasions you may experience a paper jam within the feed mechanism near the output tray. This most frequently occurs when the scrap bin is not emptied often enough.

When photos are cut, a small strip of waste is discarded into the scrap bin, located underneath the output tray. If the scrap bin becomes too full, the scraps may land vertically instead of laying down flat. If close enough to the feed rollers on either side, one or more scraps may be sucked back up into the roller mechanism causing media jams.




You cannot see the scraps from the outside of the printer. The front cover must be removed. Remove the 4 screws shown below and gently remove the plastic front cover piece.



Check the gear assemblies on both sides of the feed roller for paper shreds. They are often folded up and may be compacted and hard to remove with your fingers. Use a paper clip or small screwdriver to ensure you clear all paper shreds from the mechanism.


Replace the plastic cover piece and test the printer!

Checkout our YouTube video: DS40 & DS80 Quick Paper Jam Fix:


Other solutions to keep your printers running like new:

• Use alcohol pads or any micro fiber cloth with a bit of Alcohol (isopropyl alcohol)  or you can also use these from DNP: Print Head Cleaning Kit for DS40/DS80/RX1 sku# 100-860 http://www.fotoclubinc.com/dnp-print-head-cleaning-kit-100860.aspx
…wipe any dirt off the platen roller while rotating the roller slightly.


• You can also try this.


Alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) or this DNP item available from Foto Club

Tissue paper (Fold in half about 4 times, and use the folded side to clean.)

Cotton buds

Damped cloth or adhesive tape

Make sure to turn off the power before cleaning.

1.Power OFF the system at the main power source.

2. Using a small hand vacuum with a non-metallic extension and nozzle, vacuum all of the printers ventilation ports.

3.Vacuum the base of the system and external ventilation ports.

4.Power ON the system and remaining components.


Clean the paper attachments.

Clean the parts which are the print paper sides as shown right.

Wipe the head cleaning part carefully with tissue paper etc. which is soaked in a small

amount of alcohol.


NOTE! : Do not damage the thermal head.

Thermal head is hot right after printing. Wait until the head temperature is low when

cleaning the thermal head. When the symptom of the poor print quality is not corrected even if the head is cleaned,

replacing the thermal head is required. Contact DNP or your sales rep at Foto Club.

We hope this quick guide was of help.

For any questions regarding the DS40 or DS80 please call us today toll free: (888) 921-3686


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