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DNP and SONY SnapLab Differences

Published on June 18, 2013 by

For Your Information…
Passing along some useful  information for DNP and SONY SnapLab printer users:

  • The DNP Windows 8 driver will not work on the Sony Printer and vice versa – the Sony driver will not work on the DNP Printer.
  • DNP undertook to make media for the old Sony SnapLabs but we have no responsibility for development or maintenance of the hardware. Since Sony regard their SnapLab as an obsolete product it seems unlikely they will develop a Windows 8 driver.
    •  Here is the Sony SnapLab Support Link for drivers.


  • The Sony support number is where you can inquire Sony support 800-222-SONY (7669)
  • Please note there are some distinct product differences between the old Sony 10L SnapLab and the DNP version.
    • The Sony Driver does not support 4×8 Media.  However, the DNP driver does support the 4×8 media.
    • The DNP and Sony Border Creation Tool will only work with the respective printers and they are not interchangeable.
    • The GUI on the DNP and Sony SnapLabs are different.  The DNP SL10’s GUI is more similar to the larger Sony 20L SnapLab.
    • The DNP SL10 has the ability to add text to any print.
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5 Responses

  1. Graham Short

    Am looking for the cd software with the ps plug in and drivers etc for xp sp3…..got a Snaplab but no Borders and no cd 🙁
    UK based and sony/dnp legacy support is poor!
    Any assistance greatfully received

  2. I am looking for sony Snaplab kiosk.

  3. McJanus

    ***********! I have an event coming less than 24h … and now I must additionally go dig out an old-extinct win95 desktop for making borders? Damn, that should be an easy stuff! Sony+DNP get back to work on that one…

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